This is my homepage. It's primary purpose is to provide a place for my projects.

There is also a git repository located at https://codeberg.org/gnarz where the source code for my stuff and maybe unreleased newer versions is available.

2022-04-06 term for zig

the termios thing from the previous post has been integrated into a more general terminal access library, that also includes a complete terminfo implementation and something vaguely reminescent of termbox, but a little larger. If this is something you might want, you can get it from the codeberg repo.

2022-02-28 Zig is fun :)

I've recently started to learn the zig programming language. The first potentially usable thing to come out of this is an implementation of the termios interface in zig. If you're interested, get is from the codeberg repo.

2020-12-25 Final version of mEldritch source code uploaded

I've put up the most recent development source code of mEldritch, in case someone wants to do something with it. It features quite a few enhancements with regards to the last proper release. Get it from the project page.

2020-04-23 Source code moved to Codeberg.org

I decided to move my source code to a more user friendly home. The links in the individual projects may not be updated yet, but I'll get to that. Until then you can find all of what was previously available from hg.tset.de at https://codeberg.org/gnarz. The repos there seem a bit "raw", as they have not yet been touched up for this sort of public repo (i.e. no readme.md files), but I'll also get to that.

2018-09-01 fish shell completions for gitless

I use the fish shell, and when I have to use git, I use gitless. So I've made some completions for gitless to be used in the fish shell, and, fittingly, they are available from my mercurial codeberg repositories :)

2018-06-01 lui now complete with regard to libui

The new text stuff now also works, samples and documentation have been updated. Get it from the project page.

2018-05-22 lui updated to build with new version of libui

now that libui development continues, I'm working on bringing lui up to date. This is an interim update, the new text formatting stuff is still missing completely, but it builds and works so far. Get it from the project page.

2018-04-01 mEldritch build 256 released

I've picked up development of mEldritch again, at least for a bit. Current highlights are 64-bit builds, limited lua scripting and support for the steam content (Halloween, Asylum expansions). Get it from the project page.

2017-07-17 debug.lua 0.11 released

You can now configure the colors debug.lua uses. Yay! Get it from the project page.

2017-07-13 termfx 0.7.1 released

This fixes a build bug. Get it from the project page.

2017-07-05 psftools 0.5.1 released

This is a bugfix release. Get it from the project page.

2017-07-05 lpty 1.2.2 released

This is a bugfix release. Get it from the project page.

2017-07-04 debug.lua 0.10 released

I've had this in use for a while but finally decided to pack it up and release it. Get it from the project page.

2017-03-16 lsocket 1.4.1 released

fixed a memory leak. Check out the project page for more.

2016-08-11 psftools 0.5 released

added an option to list all available code points in a psf font. Go to the project page for more.

2016-07-17 lpty 1.2.1 released

just a bugfix release. Go here for more.

2016-07-01 New project: lui

lui is a simple cross platform gui library for lua that builds on libui. It is still in early stages of development, as is libui, but can already be used.

2016-04-18 Beginnings of a mod for mEldritch

I have played around for some time with making a mod for mEldritch. Sadly I lack the time to do any more work on it, but maybe someone might want to pick it up to complete it or to tear it apart to use in their own mod. You can find it on the mEldritch project page.

2016-01-19 New project: psftools

psftools is a suite of text based utilities to work with psf font files as used by the console.

2016-01-08 New project on hg server: ckb

I've created a small library to read keyboard events from a mediumraw keyboard in the linux console, It is intended to be used with framebuffer applications, and supports both raw key events and full character input including modifiers and dead char handling. You can find it at https://hg.tset.de/public/ckb/

2015-11-04 Restliche Kurzgeschichten eingestellt

(german only)

Die letzten Kurzgeschichten sind hinzugefügt, somit sind die jetzt komplett.

2015-10-13 New version of mEldritch

update of mEldritch to build 183, which adds a preview mode for the room editor as it's major new feature.

2015-09-08 New lpty version

update of lpty to version 1.2, adding the possibility to change pty flags after creation and to have the slaves' stderr stream available as a separate channel to the master side.

2015-09-03 Einige Kurzgeschichten hinzugefügt

(german only)

Ich habe beim Aufräumen einige Kurzgeschichten gefunden, die ich früher mal geschrieben habe. Ich habe angefangen, die hier verfügbar zu machen. Die restlichen Geschichten folgen später.

2015-08-18 New Homepage

I moved everything from static files to a slightly modified version of tinycms. As a result, everything is prettier now :) Or, well, at least now there is a menu on every page.

The changes of my modified version have been merged into the tinycms main git repository. They are:

  • added full support for urls of the type location/index.html
  • added a redirection from folder to folder/index.html if that exists, generate a 404 otherwise
  • removed conversion of _ to - in page urls
  • when changing an already stored page, changing the title will no longer change the pages' url
  • when logged in as admin, the 404 error page will now offer you the option to create the missing page
  • added a setting to change the directory in which uploaded images are stored
  • added a setting to have the editor make absolute or relative urls